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Top Ultrasonic Cleaner Manufacturer of China

Shenzhen Guan Yijia Technology Co., Ltd is the leading and well-reputed ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer and supplier company of China. Our brand name is Anonkia Ultrasonic in the international market, and we offer the premium quality of China ultrasonic cleaner machines at the wholesale rates. Our company is profound in this industry, and our brand name is valued among the best ultrasonic cleaner supplier in the international market. The ultrasonic cleaner China as the top vendor has a prominent place in the market and Anonkia manufactured Cleaners are high in demand. We have trade relations with many big industries and brands dealing in ultrasonic cleaning machines.



  • 340HT 4L Ultrawave Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

  • 240HT 4L Ultra Sonic Cleaning Dental Ultrasonic Bath

  • 230HT 3L Sonic Cleaning Small Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • 230T 3L Small Ultra Sonic Cleaning Ultrasonic Water Bath

  • 120T 2L Sonic Glasses Cleaning Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner

  • 113T 1.3L Small Commercial Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner

  • Ultrasonic Anilox Roller Cleaner Printer Cleaning Machine

  • 240L Large Tank Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine for Sale

Meet the top ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer of China

Shenzhen Guan Yijia Technology Co., Ltd is the leading ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer of China. Being the leading ultrasonic cleaner supplier, we ensure that our customers get the most fantastic quality cleaners that are durable and provide guaranteed longevity. We offer the most incredible quality ultrasonic cleaner China at the most cost-effective and wholesale rates. We were established in 2011 and are practically equipped with more than 8 years of experience. We are one of the most valued brand names in the international market.

Leading vendor of ultrasonic cleaner China

Yijia Technology is the premium ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer in the international market. We are the leading and most in-demand vendors and suppliers of top-notch ultrasonic cleaner China. Our company is well-versed and profound and has been serving in ultrasonic cleaners for an extensive period. Following are some of the fantastic advantages that you are likely to enjoy if you choose us as your ultrasonic cleaner supplier:

  1. We offer personalized ultrasonic cleaners that verily meets the customers’ requirements
  2. We offer wholesale rates and ideally customized packages for retailers and end-customers
  3. We ensure a safe and secure shipment and delivery to all regions of the world
  4. We ensure human-to-human communication services availability for 24/7 online
  5. We provide optimal after-sale services and incredible purchasing guides to our customers

Get top-notch products from leading ultrasonic cleaner supplier

Suppose you are looking to get the best quality and most durable ultrasonic cleaner China at the most budget-friendly and wholesale prices. In that case, we welcome you to check our premium and branded products and services. Yijia Technology is the leading ultrasonic cleaner supplier that provides the best customer services and gives the incredible quality products at most market competitive rates.


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What is an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Ultrasonic Cleaners use ultrasound (sound waves, the same ones that generate ultrasound images) frequencies and a cleaning solvent to clean objects such as dental and lab equipment, jewelry, and industrial items.

What liquid is used in Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Different types of specialized cleaning solutions, de-ionized water, neutral solutions, high caustic solutions, enzymatic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions can be used.

What is the use of an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

The ultrasonic cleaner is a device that is used to clean different items, such as industrial machine parts, optical parts, scientific samples, musical instruments, watch, toys, etc. by each and every smaller corner or crevice, which is hard to reach otherwise.

What can you not put in an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

One should not put alcohol, flammable solutions, gasoline, or mineral acids in the ultrasonic cleaner. Also, one should never place parts or containers directly on the bottom of the cleaning tank. Use tray or wire to suspend items.