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What Solution We Use in Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines?

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Cleaning solutions are essential for the proper cleaning of any of your items. The high-tech and eco-friendly industrial cleaning machines like the ultrasonic cleaner are perfect for cleaning any type of object of any size or style. When you put solutions in these machines, they work more smoothly and provides a cleaner and shining effect. There are different types of solutions accessible in the market, which are discussed here.

Acidic Solutions

Acidic solutions are those cleaning agents that have a pH of 5.0 or less than that. It is specially made to eliminate lime deposits, rust, scale, and mineral from ferrous metals. You can employ acidic solutions for cleansing metal objects.

Alkaline Solutions

The alkaline solutions are a type of ultrasonic cleaning solution that often has a pH of 10 or more. It is made to clean materials like zinc, tin, brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, and steel. This also suggests that it’s an ideal option for washing jewelry. Moreover, Alkaline solutions can also clean materials like plastic, ceramics, and glass.

Enzymatic Solutions

The enzymatic solutions are widely used in the food and medical sectors. They are made to eradicate protein-based toxins from materials like plastics, aluminum, glass, brass, titanium, and stainless steel.

High Caustic Solutions

High Caustic solutions efficiently remove all the oil, grease, and heavy waxes from stainless-steel, steel, or cast iron.

Neutral Solutions

Neutral Solutions are used to eradicate pigments, oil, grease, dust, and other organic compounds from metals, rubber, plastic, and glass. They work well on items like Jewellery, ceramics, or precious metals.

De-Ionized Water

De-ionized water is specially used for material safety. It works well on materials like glass, plastic, rubber, metals, fabrics.

Specialized Cleaning Solutions

Specialized cleaning solutions are formulated to eliminate waxes, resins, soot, and smoke damage.

All these solutions are available in the market in two types.

Demulsifying Formulation

It removes all the stubborn oily contaminants from any type of item. In this type of formulation, one needs to drain the tank, clean it, refill it after a single-use.

Emulsifying Formulation

In this formulation, the contaminants are detained in suspension and gather in the solution over numerous cleaning cycles. As these gathered contaminants often come out with your items when you bring them out of the tank, a rinsing cycle is needed to make sure you attain the intended level.

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