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Looking for Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator manufacturer? Nothing to worry about, we are here! Shenzhen Guan Yijia Technology Co., Ltd known for manufacturing the best Ultrasonic Bath in China. Ultrasonic bath cleaner is like other types of ultrasonic devices, such as ultrasonic homogenizers, usually, run at a single frequency. With the help of highly qualified skilled workers and experienced team, we ensure the bath sonicator production has premium quality, and parts are assembled efficiently. Our firm strongly believes in first driving customer loyalty, which can lead them to become our brand ambassadors. We are also known as the best suppliers in the international market. Our brand name is Anonkia Ultrasonic; we supply those products which are highly demanded in the market. Read More

  • K230HTDP 3L Variable Power Sonicator Bath Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • K360HTDP 6L Litres Variable Power Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

  • Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath 3L Sonicator Cleaner