10L Variable Sweep Frequency Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaner

Model:K410HTDS (10 Litres)

Operating Mode: Digital Control with Timer+Heater

Ultrasonic Power:240W (5-100% Variable Power)

Dual Frequency:28KHz / 40KHz (Variable Frequency)

Internal Tank Size:300x240x150MM (Stainless Steel Bath)

Heating Power: 500W

Timer Settings: 1-99 Minutes

Heater Settings: 0-100℃ adjustable

Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz; AC 380-400V, 60Hz

Unit Price: USD450.00

This is a variable frequency laboratory ultrasonic cleaner with timer and heater, featured with genuine dual frequency of 28KHz and 40KHz. Suitable for both commercial and industrial cleaning areas for a long time running.


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